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It is a selection sort of All-Union Scientific Research Winegrowing and Winemaking Institute (Yalta). It was received from cross pollination of Madlen Anjev and Gara Kishmishi grape clones in 1928. It is grown in the Ukraine, Moldova, Krasnodar, Rostov provinces of Russia and in some Middle Asia republics and Far East. It was brought to Azerbaijan to Ashagi Gushchu village of Tovuz region in 70s of the last century and has been grown in the area of more than 10 acres.
Bushes are strong, flowers are self-pollinated.
Cluster is very big, cone shaped, rare and thick. Seeds are big, round, sometimes a little bit oval and black. Languid is juicy, crispy, has a taste of chocolate. The thick wax layer gives a special beauty to the clone.
It is early ripening table grape. In Yalta, it is ripens the first decade of August, in Tovuz at the end of July. Productivity is high and constant. Sugar level is 18 percent, shippable.

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