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6-01-2016, 11:19. Posted by: Admin

It is the local grape sort of the Agdam region of Azerbaijan, cultivated in vineyards in Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Agjabedi, Barda, Terter, Yevlakh and Goranboy regions. Nowadays, the area of this sort gets decreased. Flowers get pollinated themselves. Bunch is very big. The shape is cylindrical, cone-shaped, rarely winged. Seeds in the bunch are very thick. They are eggshaped and oval. Color is black, thick wax layer changes the color to purple. Stalk gets firm and should be cut off with scissors. Bushes grow rapidly, yields good harvest if transported. It demands strong form on espaliers. Fruitful shoots must be cut longer after union crafts. Sugar productivity in a grape reaches 20 percent. Taste is harmonious but ordinary. Storage time is medium.

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