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Category: The local grape varieties

It is observed in North America among the wild grapes, it is civilized after being selected. It is supposed to be a natural hybrid of V.Labrushka and V.Viniphera. In the middle of XIX century Izabella was brought to Odessa from France and later from there it was brought to different vine villages. The clone is spread on the shores of the Black Sea in the Caucasus, in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldavia. In the 30s of the XX century in connection with the spreading of Philloxero in Azerbaijan namely on Sari (Lankaran) island in the Caspian Sea several vineyards had been set up.
Bushes grow strongly. It is very sensitive to soil type and fertility.
Izabella is late ripening. It is called table grape by mistake. It grows well and gives better harvest in humid places. According to rofessor M.A.Lazarevski, the sort easily withstands to plant deceases. But according to our observations, it is not totally resistant to all fungal deceases. It can't bear draught. Resistance to freeze is better compared to V.Viniphera sorts. Resistance to philloxero is rather weak. Flowers are self-pollinated. It blossoms 10-12 days earlier than V.Viniphera.
Clusters are tiny and of medium size. Fruit coefficient is more than 1. Sometimes there are more than 7 clusters on one shoot. The ability of fruit yielding sprouts is high. In hot regions, in directed cultivation, it can be grown not only two fold crop but also three fold. After full-ripening, the seeds begin to shed.
Cluster stalk is grass-shaped; one can tear it off easily. Average weight of the cluster is 80-100 grams.
Seeds are round and black. Skin is easily separated from the languid, juice is mucous. There is a special smell in the seeds which is called strawberries or wooden louse. But its taste is Izabell's. In all existing vine clones in the world have 3 tastes. One of them is Izabella. It is good for juice and dessert wine producing. The table-wines made of this grape sort are considered to be pleasant among people.

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