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Category: The local grape varieties

It is one of the ancient types of Muscat grapes and the home is Alexandria in Egypt. Being cultivated from early times it is widely spread. The sort has got different names in different countries. It has also got several bushes in Grape-trading LTD in Ganja.
It was brought from Western Europe into the Crimea in early XIX century. Firstly it was brought to Azerbaijan state farm around Ganja and Winegrowing and Winemaking Experimental Station of Ganja. At the same time the sort is cultivated in 4 continents of the world. Bushes are strong. Flowers are self- pollinated. Cluster is large and very large, cone-shaped, winged, branched, rare, medium rare. Cluster stalk is long, dark blue, looks like grass, and fragile. Seeds are medium large and large, round, sometimes a little flat, light green with yellow background. Skin is medium thick, transparent, firmly covered with thick wax layer. Languid is crisp, juicy with strong Muscat flavor. The buds multiples when the fruit fingers are cut long. But it is preferably to cut in short or medium length.
Flowers fall out rapidly. Observations held in Grape-trading LTD in Ganja showed that clusters may become rare even shapeless and seeds far-between if flower groups have not been thinned out. That's why 2 of 3 clusters, 1 of 2 clusters, 30-40 percent of all clusters should be preserved on a shoot. So, 60-65 percent of flower group must be cut off so that we could get a normal cluster. In Ganja this matter for Alexandrian Muscat is accepted as a part of differentiated agrotechnics. Generally, in every concrete condition the differentiated agrotechnics of this sort must be investigated and learned.
Alexandrian Muscat is a table clone with high quality, tolerant to storage, and shippable. For its good flavor and nice seeds, it is fit for juice conservation, making jam and marinade.

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