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Category: The local grape varieties

It is a local sort of Azerbaijan. The clone was obtained as a result of people's selection. It was mostly spread in Nagorno Karabakh (Daglig Garabagh). History of the most popular sorts of Azerbaijan dates back to 300-500 years ago, and some even to several millenniums ago. The sort was completely made Armenian. Khingdogni can't be Armenian grape sort if they settled on the territory of Azerbaijan 150-200 years ago. There is another fact to prove that there wasn't any Armenian winegrower or scholar in Dagliq Garabagh during 150-200 years that could produce a new sort of grape. Unfortunately, when "The Ampelography of Azerbaijan SSR" was written, 1973, Azerbaijan progressive winegrowers and scholars didn't pay attention to this problem. Even there were synonyms of the sort's name Sveni and Shireni. The ampelographic description of the sort was also given by the Armenian and Georgian.
The bushes are strong. The flowers are self-pollinated. Cluster is large, cone shaped, branchy, sometimes winged, and very dense that's why the form of seeds changes. Stalk is very thick and firm. Seeds are medium and large, round, black or dark blue, sometimes purple. The tip is round with a thick wax layer on it. Languid is juicy and slippery. Taste is ordinary, very sweet, juice is red. It is fit only for wine production and of medium late ripening.
Productivity differs depending on the regions. It is 200 metric centners from each hectare in Daglig Garabagh, in Ganja 100 metric centners, in lowland of Mil 75 metric centners. Sugar is 19,8 percent.
Wines of high quality, with good color and pleasant fragrance are made from Khindogni in Daglig Garabagh.

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