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Category: The local grape varieties

It is a new clone grown in Azerbaijan and spread in middle mountain slopes. In MALazarevsky's book Sorts of Grapes, published in 1959, has been shown that this sort is in the third place after Medrese and Tavkvery. It seems that in those days Rkatsiteli was not so known and wide spread, but nowadays Tavkvery does not exist. And now it is on the 4th place after Rkatsiteli, Tabrizi, Ag Shani. This clone is successfully cultivated in neighboring republics as Turkmenistan, Tajikstan, Kirgizistan, Kazakkistan, Dagestan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Moldavia. Bushes are of rapid growth demanding strong forms and especially winged fan structure. The length of the productive shoots must be 10-12. Productivity level increases in the irrigated fertile soils. But in the literature on vinery this level is decreased to one. The number of productive shoots is 80-100 percent. Young bushes contain at least 2-3 bunches of grapes. But we have encountered branches with more bunches.
We should note that we have not learned it thoroughly well though Bayanshire has been created in Azerbaijan. In written information this clone is known as less productive one. But our researches confirm its high productivity.
In the 1950s the clone yielded 1065 centners from a hectare in Uzbekistan. And we took 800-1000 centner from a hectare in 1980. Flowers of the sort are self-pollinated. Knotting is partial; there are variations of total and usual knotting sorts. The most knotting sorts are not being cultivated. Knotting variations are being increased, but they do not take measures to stop the processes of knotting of the seeds. In general, this sort requires to be re-cultivated. Bushes are cone shaped and cylindrical-cone. Medium size and large. Often met with dense bunches. This density is seen mostly in young clones. Bunches weigh 180-190 grams. They indicate it as a wine clone in most literature, but in some books they indicate its universality. During 26 years of researches work dedicated to the clone of Bayanshire, we have determined that it has 4-5 variations half of which are especially good for wine production. They get soft, light, fragrant wines from the clone. Brandy spirit produced from this wine comes early and champagne wine gets aged soon.
Bayanshire is one of the rare sorts grown in the world. Publications printed in the 80s of the last century indicate that a whole research institute is to be dedicated to the research works and activities on Bayanshire.

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