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Category: The local grape varieties

It is one of the high quality table grapes of Azerbaijan. It is called Tabrizi since it has been created. Widely-spread in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Dagestan. It is also planted in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Middle Asia republics. It has many synonyms. In all the gardens and agricultural farms in Ganja, one can come across with Tabrizi sort. In ancient times, Azerbaijan and Iran had close trade relations and the sort takes its name from there.
Bushes grow rapidly. Flowers get pollinated themselves. Clusters are big, cone shaped and thick.
Seeds are big, oval, when fully ripen it is light golden. Skin is thick and elastic, and covered with firm wax layer. Languid is juicy. Taste is ordinary, harmonious and fresh. Some of the features of Tabrizi sort and its medical characteristics have not been fully studied.
In the world winegrowing, Shasla is called medical grape. If Tabrizi is studied thoroughly, and propagandized duly, it can be accepted as a privileged one. Though Tabrizi is one of the valuable sorts of the republic and the most valuable grape of Ganjabasar area, it has not been studied well.
In 1940, discovered were three variations of the Tabrizi sort. Later, in 1980, we have established two another sorts of it.
Cluster and seeds of one variation is big, while the other differs with the color of leaves and shoots (both are dark).
Mid-ripen and mid-productivity sort. Transportable and shippable.
As was noted by R.A.Mammadov, of the studied variations A, B, C, well-stored is the variation A.
We have established that the Tabrizi sort is kept normally in water till late May.

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